THE ASK // sell Canon MAXIFY to small businesses

THE ANSWER // stand out by standing for something


Canon MAXIFY is the new kid on the block and it’s got a lot to prove
It joined a category dominated by behemoths like HP & Epson,
and while MAXIFY may be better, it’s not top-of-mind

It aspires to be an essential partner to small business owners
but it’s all talk and little walk; 
the few actions it is taking aren’t broadcasted
loud enough to make a difference

OBJECTIVE // differentiate MAXIFY from the competition

We need to give MAXIFY a [relevant] point-of-view
Our goal is to put MAXIFY on the tip of every small business owner's tongue
More than that, we need the brand to stand for something
and that something will make MAXIFY the brand of choice for sbo's everywhere

[enter women business owners]

CATEGORY PROBLEM // small businesses are not treated equally

Those owned by women are given far fewer opportunities
to succeed than their male counterparts
+ the average woman earns 79% of what her male counterparts earn
+ this disparity will cost her $431,000 over the course of her career
+ it will take another 124 years to close the gap, unless something is done
+ women receive only 5% of loans reserved for small business owners
+ loan sizes are smaller for women; on average, they are given 2/3 of the funds male business owners receive

KEY FINDING // women aren’t damsels in distress
They don’t need a knight in shining armor;
and we’re not claiming to be one;
but we are an ally

STRATEGY // level the playing field

HOW WE DO THAT // support women-owned businesses
Put a spotlight on the disparity women face in the workplace
& prove our value as a partner by providing women-owned businesses
with tools & resources to level the laying field


CREATIVE // the same page campaign
Printers are the great equalizer; they treat everyone the same.
We just wish the rest of the world operated the same way.
Until then, we'll be working on it.

phase one // talking the talk
Because the first step in righting a wrong is to acknowledge that one exists
goal: disrupt to inform; increase awareness by bringing the gap to life
tactics: digital, out-of-home (own the work commute), experiential, print
banner ads // pop up to block 21% of the article; in order to finish the article, readers must acknowledge the wage gap exists
out-of-home // bill boards near public transportation brought the gender disparity to life for workers on their commute
experiential // vending machines supplied cans of soda that were only filled 79%
print // proves that 79% just isn't whole

phase two // walking the walk
Because it's not enough to say there's a problem; we need to offer a solution
goal: lead by example
tactics: discounts, test prints, votes, stickers, website, social, app
discounts // Equal Pay Day represents the time of the year that the average woman's salary catches up to what her male counterpart made the previous year; rather than put out another message that pointed out this inequity, we took action and sold printers to small businesses run by women at 79% of the cost
test prints // test prints only happen when something goes wrong, so we decided to take this moment of frustration and use it to inspire small business owners by adding supportive quotes and messages
website // every movement needs a home; this is ours
social // we suggested a Facebook partnership that allowed users to add a filter that removed 21% of their profile picture
app // the Same Page app provides to-do lists and recommendations for consumers interested in supporting local businesses that pay equal wages for equal work
stickers // businesses that pay men and women equal wages are given stickers letting passersby know they're on the same page

AD: Tori McGoogan
CBM: Stacey Garrett, Alex Whitman
CW: Kevin Fitz
Strategist: Me!

category research || target research (1 focus group & 6 one-on-ones) || creative brief & briefing || deck design & presentation