As part of its legacy project, Team One asked us to write the next chapter of The Ritz-Carlton. The brand had just celebrated its 30th birthday and was looking to us to help guide its evolution and maintain relevance with a younger generation of guests  age 25-35.

Discover your inner explorer.

The Ritz-Carlton is already synonymous with luxury experience and unparalleled excellence in service. And its motto "We are Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen" exemplifies that dedication.

But the thing is, this next generation of guests doesn't see themselves as Ladies and Gentlemen. Rather, they're explorers and storytellers. Our research indicated that 34% grew up with wealth, which means that good service and well-appointed rooms aren't a luxury  they're a given. Instead, these guests are looking to collect stories and experiences that are unique to them. 

And in order to appeal to the adventurer mindset of this next generation, we advised The Ritz-Carlton to shift their emphasis from service to culture and adventure, and to empower guests with a platform to tell their own stories.


"Explorer" is a travel bucket-list app. With it, users can plan, organize, and get inspired for their next adventure. More than that, it's a place to document and share their stories with a larger community of explorers.


XD: Christina Foy
Strategy: Rebecca McNerney (me!), Sean O'Connor